We offer a range of residential and rural tree maintenance and improvement works. 

Formative Pruning

Improve and maintain your trees shape and overall health with formative pruning. With solid tree knowledge, we target prune dependent on the species to encourage natural, optimum growth patterns.

View Restoration

Enhance your view and the value of your property with View Restoration. In many cases you can retain your trees whilst gaining a view. 

Tree Felling

Although we love trees, Tree Felling is sometimes the only option. The Little Tree Company are aware and capable of assessing and managing the requirements and risks, to ensure a smooth and safe felling process for you and your property. 

Emergency Work

Storm damage, fallen trees, broken branches and snap outs often require urgent assessment & reactive tree works to reduce risk and make sites safe. 


Tree Removal

A complete removal service of problem & unwanted trees. Often located close to private property a full risk management and dis-mantling procedure ensures a safe, damage-free process. 

Choose from complete removal of the entire tree or keep mulch and firewood on site for your use. 

Palm De-Fronding

Dropping palm fronds can cause property damage and injury - and overgrown palms can become a breeding ground for unwanted pests - like insects, birds & rodents, whilst blocking light to your property.

Our De-Fronding service will remove all dead palm fronds and the lowest live ones, along with seed pods - making your palm neat, clean and safe. 

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